About me


After 13 structured Waldorf School years in Augsburg, the freedom of chaos broke through: after short spells at the family workshop in Allgäu, a pottery school in Landshut and in the Bavarian capital, I hopped from Bavaria to Brazil before finally ending up in Berlin.


In Berlin, my wanderlust was somewhat tamed by my three year long Mime/Pantomime training at the “Etage” (School of Performing Arts), which lasted until 2013.


After undertaking the preparations to give birth to a monster (Onil) in Bavaria, I now lead a relatively stable life as the single mother of a Dragon in Freiburg.


Nowadays, I try to combine what I learnt about corporal expression and movement in theatre with my other interests ... something that due to my chronic interest changing takes its time.


The following are some of the interests and activities that have influenced me so far:


Capoeira, ballet, acrobatics, modern dance, pantomime technique, cantienca training, yoga, body mime, acting, clown, violin, painting, soap bubbles, and recently discovered: tango!