About my activity in mime


News: I'm a member of the theatre "Eukitea" where I'm acting in several pieces.


I am open to unusual ideas and developments, to trying out new concepts and performance styles in the field of mime/pantomime and have a lot of fun doing so.

For Example I have been a part of 13 pantomimes working for the same company, with the joy of using their apparatus which were specially designed to explain exhibits to visitors in fairs in a playful, nonverbal manner.



Using a silent and unobtrusive form of “advertising”, we got visitors involved at an emotional level, connecting with their moods. These methods carried out by mimes have the effect of increasing interest in the advertised products and allow customers to have a more personal connection with the firm. (see also MesseMimen)


On stage, I wrote and produced two plays during my training. These can be found here.