My education and training


At the Etage (School of Performing Arts in Berlin), I did my three year training in Mime/Pantomime performance.


To keep it short, I usually try to explain it as follows:

A mixture of acting and dancing, where stories are told without words. For me, it's more about what images, moods and also music convey, things that one can't really put into words, or where words are unnecessary. Maybe it's about what is left unsaid between the words...emotions...or thoughts not said out loud that are visible nevertheless.


Specialities in which I was trained or have an insight into include:

Three year long formal training in:

  • Pantomime Technique (With Anke Gerber)
  • Ballet
  • Acrobatics
  • Capoeira
  • Acting
  • Neutral Mask
  • Modern Dance
  • Yoga


Intensive short courses:

  • Commedia dell'arte

  • Corporal Mime (with Oliver Pollak)

  • Classical Pantomime (With Radim Vizvary)

  • Physical Theatre (with Irina Andrejeva)

  • Clown

  • Pantomime (with David Casell and Roman Horak)

  • Marcel-Marceau Technique (with Alexander Neander and Lionel Menard)

  • Storytelling game (with Burkhart Seidemann)


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