When the weather allows for it, I love to spend my time in the streets  blowing soap bubbles in unexpected little squares, corners and side streets.

Not only am I a volunteer street cleaner, lathering up the streets, I am also overjoyed about every smile I am responsible for; the main effect the great soap bubbles have on spectators.


I would also be happy to attend your spring, summer, autumn or winter party, birthday party, event or also a funeral...


...,,because soap bubbles are unbelievably versatile, and can be a symbol of “past beauty” for many occasions and can have many different effects, both when you make the bubbles yourself or you are simply a spectator:


dazzling, beautiful, sad, poetic, activating and soothing, dream promoting, meditating, funny short and long lasting memories, for the young and the old, fat and thin, for children, grandma-grandpa, even dogs sometimes go crazy about the nimbly-flying soap formations, round and oval, small and large, tube and spiral shaped ... multy shaped ... adults who suddenly jump around like children, laugh ... chase, burst, stare in silent amazement, loud joy ... caution: potentially addictive!


Great for conducting psychological studies by means of observation...child and adult behaviour (my secret psychology studies by the way)

Scientific observations...especially for physicists who, in my experience are fascinated by the sheer surface and volume of air contained within the bubbles...


An impressive binding and helpful ritual to say farewell...



More pictures here


 Contact me if you are interested in the special mix and the game instruments that I can happily send you, or if you want me to decorate your event and blow away your troubles with soap bubbles.