A definitiom from Onis Lexicon "Live Art":


My biggest hero is a conductor who for many years worked on the daily train from Ulm to Munich in the early hours of the morning...who in a way very much impressed me and saved me many theatre visits:

  • His whistle to signal the train's start was always a small concert with a new rhythm and tune every day.

  • He always checked our tickets with a smile on his face, a spring in his step and a delightfully playful manner about him.

  • He helped us with our homework and would reward us for doing it by pulling out some chocolate treat from his suit pocket and giving it to us with a wink and a smile...and my wholemeal apple bread lost all of its meaning...

  • This conductor managed to put the entire train in a good mood...at 6:33 in the morning!


...and I think that is where live art began for me: by turning a supposedly boring and monotonous everyday task into a beautiful game; by finding the fun part in small everyday things...and also where it is not expected.